Is there a way to let someone log into my Webflow account?  I've tried to create a new password for them but Webflow won't let me make a new password.  Keeps telling me an error has occurred.  Making them a collaborator doesn't let them into the parts they'll need access to so not sure what my options are.  Thanks!
You'll need to share your Webflow credentials with them. Unless you want to also pay for a team account. But then that gets pricey because you pay per seat.

Hope this helps :)
That does help, thank you Nelson!

I figured out why Webflow wasn't letting me create a new password so I could share it, I was doing so from the "forgot password" link at the login rather than from inside my Webflow account.  I've emailed Geoff, the co-founder of Outseta, so when I hear back from him I have a way for him to log in now.

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