Does anyone know of membership alternatives to Memebrstack?  It's just way too expensive for me right now.  I'm out of work and can't gamble what money I have left.

There's Memberspace (same price) and I've read a lot about people using Firebase on the Webflow forum (there are tutorials posted there). If money is an issue, I'd reach out to the two founders of MemberStack and let them know your situation. They are very reasonable and may be able to help!
What little interaction I've had with Duncan I absolutely agree with you and I'd rather help the growth of their business by using it in mine if I can.  I guess it might be best to at least try and see if they'll work with me.  At least until my site is bringing in the money to pay them.  Great idea Chris and as always, thank you!
Hey Timothy 👋

Yes, please do reach out to us and reference this post. 😃

Hey Josh,

I did reach out to Duncan but haven't heard back yet.  So I had to keep digging around and may have found a membership platform alternative that is within my budget.  Still rooting for you all of course but I have to do what is best for me at this point.  I've already spoken with and scheduled a one-on-one session with the founder of this other platform and for a much better price.  

Had I been able to plug Memberstack in and begin paying once I start seeing the money come in I would not have had reason to look elsewhere.  Something they may want to look into.  

Thanks for getting back to me though and best wishes!
I just looked in our chat and didnt find a conversation. If you are still interested please use our chat within our and I will get the right person to see it. :)
No worries, I might have messaged in the wrong place.  Wouldn't be the first time lol.  I'll look in a bit.  Thanks!
Could you remind me where to find the chat?  It used to show up at the bottom right of my screen but I don't see it anymore.  Thanks
Timothy Michaels You should be able to see it on the bottom right of this page when logged in. 😃
Josh Lopez still nothing.  I've got to run to the bank, seems one of my accounts has vanished.  Be back as soon as I can. 

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