What's the best way to go about getting one-on-one help with screen sharing interaction?  I don't expect anyone is willing to help for free or an IOU of course so before I borrow the money to join the PixelGeek pros for the private sessions I would like to know how far the one-on-one will get me.  I'm so close to being done but there are glitches in my triggers that are inconsistent and seem to randomly change no matter how many times I rebuild them.  Thanks!
Hi Timothy, It really depends on what you want and expect to get out of a one on one session. I've done a couple of these one on one sessions with a client who wanted to learn Webflow from me and they were able to take the concept and run with it. Again it depends on your motivation, and what you want to get out of it. 
Hey Stevin, thanks for getting back to me!  The more I attempt to phrase my specific needs the less sense I make even to myself, I think I've been staring at my own project for too many months lol.  As for motive though, I really just want to make sure I'm ready to launch before I actually do.  
Timothy Michaels Understandable! Sometimes you have to step back and look at the whole picture. 
Stevin K. Masuda very much so.  I think what's happened is my mind has collected so many questions over the last few weeks that the sum of them has become one giant, indistinguishable mass of confusion so attempting to articulate and express the "problem" causes me to draw a giant blank lol.  
Hey Timothy Michaels you may also continue to try to ask for help in the project help section. It's worth a try and going through the steps of formulating a question, showing it in a video, and preparing to share it may actually help you debug the issue yourself. The reason I say that is because it's happened to me a couple times now. As I was recording a video to share and ask for help I found part of the issue that led me down a path to solving it myself! Plus it may help you to narrow down the question to a point that someone may be able to give you a price quote on what it would take to resolve.
I'll have to try that, thanks for the tip!
Hi Timothy Michaels :) Learn concepts first by building a breaking things. Sometimes it'll only take a minute for that one thing to understand and sometimes it'll take months!

Heck, I'm still trying to understand what Grid Areas is actually used for. There are also times when I have to start over, from scratch, by deleting everything I've done just to understand where I went wrong.

Don't give up and keep searching the internet for answers.

And just like John E. Matias said, record videos of yourself explaining the issue. You may find the answer yourself OR it'll help someone understand the issue more and give you the answer.

But in the end, it's all about learning the concepts.

It's kind of like that saying "give a man a fish, they'll eat for a day. teach a man to fish and they'll eat for a lifetime."

Search for and learn that concept and you'll go far :) I'm rooting for you.

The business I'm trying to develop is meant to help far more than my family, it's designed to be a city-wide project to help a lot of people.  I feel there is so much is at stake if I don't finish this project, and every response I've tried typing comes off as either ungrateful, whining, desperate, or pathetic, and since non of these are even close to what I'm trying to convey the best I can come back with is 'Thanks bro, I'll take that to heart' lol.  

Anyway, you all are awesome for trying to help and the intent is very much appreciated!
Timothy Michaels your questions, comments and responses don't seem like any of those adjectives you've described.

We are all trying to learn and learning is hard! Learning Webflow is SUPER HARD!

Don't stop asking questions and I and the rest of the Pixel Geek community will be here for you. 🙇🏽‍♂️❤️
Nelson Abalos Jr So glad you get it bro!  Lord-willing if I get this going I'll have money to become a Pro member as a way of giving back. 

I'm scheduled to zoom with the founder of Outseta tomorrow to help with memberships, I got as far as I could in Memberstack but it's not in my budget so had to look elsewhere. 

I think my brain went numb after three weeks of trying to plug in Zapier, Memeberstack, and Webflow with no success which is why I'm tongue-tied trying to phrase simple questions.  This is totally what level I feel my IQ has dropped to haha:

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