Hi, I would like to have opinions about the integration of WeGlot for a client. I have never used WeGlot and wonder about the quality of the automatic translation offered by this tool. In fact, my client is himself a translation agency and the quality of the translated texts must therefore be impeccable. I also saw that WeGlot would cost them around 10€ per month and am not sure they'll want to pay this knowing that this is a job within their competence. I imagine however that duplicating the pages of the site (6 pages / 2 languages) could become a drawback when coming to updating the website? So what do you think I should advise my client? Thanks !
Interested to hear feedback as well!  I haven't used the platform yet either.
I haven't implemented it yet but on looking into various ways of making a translation work Weglot looks good. It also enables you to make the translation yourself and not use the automatic translation. So your client could provide you with their version to use. The option of multiple/duplicate pages is lots more work everytime you want to change or update.
Great ! I didn't know that we could do the translation manually with WeGlot, thanks for the info !

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