Can someone guide me to such a video?
Check these links, see if any of them works for you (:

Thanks Naor...I'm actually watching the first link you sent. Was just wondering if there were others. Thanks very much.
HiΒ John Cheung have you searched the tutorial videos on our main site?

What specifically are you looking for when it comes to a side menu tutorial?


No I haven't but I will from now on. I'm basically trying to build a side menu navigation on a page.

The video above is pretty much what I'm looking for but it's not the easiest video to follow.
No worries!Β  Here's a video from Nelson that might help!Β

But this tutorial is for building a global side bar nav. I want to know how to build a sticky side menu. Here's my project so's not going well thus far...Β 

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