Apparently, I'm being charged twice for Webflow.  One at the $24 level and another at $45.  I've contacted them about it but still not heard back.  Anyone know who to contact about this?  Thanks!
There is no phone support. But give them time. They'll get to your refund soon. 
Webflow could do with better support, I'm surprised really, based on everything else. 
they are working on hiring more people. But as with everything that grows fast, it takes time for a support team to hire and train the right people.
They actually got back to me finally.  They weren't at all quick but their answer was thorough and actually helpful.  
Nelson Abalos Jr I can tell they're working on getting better because of their detailed reply.  I know how long it takes for them to get back so I asked a whole bunch of questions all at once and they actually took the time to answer all of them individually.  
Timothy Michaels Nelson Abalos Jr I think it's the not knowing when you'll get the reply, that's the thing. Just communication and finding the right channel... that's why I was surprised, based on everything else. I had a pretty serious issue to sort with billing for example, and was hard to say to the client 'not sure when or if I can get back to you on that, couple of days maybe'. That's all. It makes you feel a bit :-( when you can't get hold of a company, doesn't it. Glad and appreciate Webflow is growing! I'm new to it and loving it so far!
thisischristian Like Nelson said they're growing, and from the short time I've been a part of the PixelGeek community and using Webflow, I have to say it's worth sticking with.  But I absolutely get what you're talking about when you as a developer can't give a straight answer to someone who's paying you.  The delay can easily make you appear shifty.  I would just level with your clients: Webflow is still developing and growing, their support team is high quality but they're short staffed right now so it sometimes takes a few days to hear back.  Takes the pressure and expectations off of you and you don't have to make promises you can't keep.  

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