Q1: hmm I have my form available... Can you share a link?

Q2: Have you set the output value? If you submit a form you should get a notification or page.. 

The share link would be great
I submitted a test form and Memberstack received it, so I feel like it's working enough that Zapier should see it as an option.  What attributes/values do you have set to your form?  

I've got a couple of values attached to mine, one to hide from existing members cause they won't need it and another "signup" attribute. 

Not sure if that's what you mean though.  And thank you for responding!
Hi Timothy! 

Issue 1 - The issue is you are signing up via Memberstack, not Webflow. So you won't have any form data available in Webflow.   Are you trying to get the memberstack data into webflow?  If so then watch this tutorial.

Issue 2 - Check to see where you are redirecting your members after they sign up.  In Memberstack, click on Membership plans and then scroll to the bottom:

I'm not sure really.  I thought I was signing up via my site. I did the test run from my own site anyway.  My Membership plan has a redirect after login, is this right or no?

Yep, it can be a little confusing.  Even though you are using your site and a Webflow form design, the data attributions from Memberstack send the sign-up information to Memberstack, not Webflow.  This is why you have no data in your Webflow form.

See below on how to set-up the after signup member screen:

Timothy Michaels Happy to help.  Your Zap is still incorrect.  You need to pull over your Memberstack data into a Webflow collection list.
So your first app should be Memberstack, then connect it to a Webflow CMS.  Here’s the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwrEL1_iYMY
Timothy Michaels did you get this all sorted out? If not what's still blocking you?

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