Hi ! I have two questions from a client about managing a contact form. On the one hand, this client would like to have control over the e-mail addresses linked to the form (he wants to be able, if necessary, to change the e-mail addresses to which form submissions are sent without asking me to do it). Unless I'm wrong, this is not possible in Webflow (I specify that the client doesn't want to use third-party integrations like Zapier or other). I therefore suggested that he create a Webflow account for him by subscribing to an "account plan" while I was able to create the site, then end it after having subscribed to a "site plan". Can you confirm that if the site is hosted (on WF) I'll still have access to the Designer mode with the free account?

Second question about this form. My client would like users to be able to send an attachment through this form. But I see the 'form file upload' is not possible on the CMS plan at $ 16, is that correct? Will my client have to subscribe to the business plan so that his clients can send a document via their form?

... this client would like to have control over the e-mail addresses linked to the form (he wants to be able, if necessary, to change the e-mail addresses to which form submissions are sent without asking me to do it).

Unless I'm wrong, this is not possible in Webflow (I specify that the client doesn't want to use third-party integrations like Zapier or other).
Hi Laety 👋 If you give the client access to the Webflow Settings page for their project, they can change that email address anytime they like:

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Hi laety, Best way to understand webflow plans is to watch these videos by Flux academy.
Weblofw plans

Webflow Hosting

For file upload hosting - yes you will need business plan, but really you don't have to use webflow to do this, but if you are constrained by not using 3rd party, then the client will need to pay.


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Hi, I would like to have opinions about the integration of WeGlot for a client. I have never used WeGlot and wonder about the quality of the automatic translation offered by this tool. In fact, my client is himself a translation agency and the quality of the translated texts must therefore be impeccable. I also saw that WeGlot would cost them around 10€ per month and am not sure they'll want to pay this knowing that this is a job within their competence. I imagine however that duplicating the pages of the site (6 pages / 2 languages) could become a drawback when coming to updating the website? So what do you think I should advise my client? Thanks !
I haven't implemented it yet but on looking into various ways of making a translation work Weglot looks good. It also enables you to make the translation yourself and not use the automatic translation. So your client could provide you with their version to use. The option of multiple/duplicate pages is lots more work everytime you want to change or update.
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Interested to hear feedback as well!  I haven't used the platform yet either.
A 'bug' appeared on my portfolio which worked perfectly up to now and I can't find what causes that. I have a CMS based thumbnail gallery and each thumbnail links to the project page (so the links are set within the collection list). Except that now one of my links points to the wrong page. The link in the collection item is however correct and the slug of the page is ok too. 

Here is my read-only link :

The collection item I'm talking about is "Fondation CGénial" (the third orange block) and should lead to the page "Fondation CGénial" but it leads to another... I'm confused.

Any ideas ? Thank you.
HI Laety,
I've been away but I had a look at your site. It seems like everything is working now, so I assume you found the issue?

A few comments:
I also noticed that you've basically created a new page for each project. (link) However, instead of writing the URL you can just set up your collections template page and pull in all the information so set conditions up, so if it doesn't have it then it doesn't show. This way you only need to set the dynamic link to point to 'current collection'.

Also I am using chrome and the custom mouse pointer doesn't seem to show on my browser so I couldn't navigate the portfolio block. I can see it working in the preview though, so might need to have another look at part.

Overall love the site.

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Thank you Sara for taking time to watch, I tried with https but unfortunately it doesn't work either. I think I'm gonna delete and recreate the page later to see what happens...
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Hi Laety 👋.  First off, beautiful site!   The only thing I noticed that might be causing issues is for this project link it is just http, not https.  All your other links are https.

Hope this helps!
Hi, I’m Laetitia, a french freelance graphic designer based in Paris, and I’m happy to join this community.

When I started working 15 years ago in design agencies I was first specialized in branding, print design and global communication. I also was asked to design websites and so I decided to make a break with a one year full-time training in Web development in order to get to communicate with this strange people I had to work with (developers, no offense :), and why not, maybe become a great developer too. 
And even if I was not so bad, I spent this year struggling with code and with myself (and with teachers who called me « grumpy »), telling me ‘why is it so complicated ? why don't we let the geniuses create for us a simple tool that would avoid us spending three hours going crazy because of a forgotten comma somewhere in these endless lines of code ? My brain won’t handle it for a whole life.’ Then I started to grow plants on my balcony and do yoga to calm down and realized that I wasn’t geek enough to become a developer, even if I like playing video games and watching Big Bang Theory.
And finally I discovered Webflow, only 2 years ago (I know, I’m late). The rest is easy to guess ;)

Besides my love for webdesign and Webflow, I spend a lot of time raising a child (as grumpy as his mom) and I like writing and make up stories and games for kids, drawing, trying to learn piano jazz, travelling and meeting new people, and reading books about quantum physics that I understand even less than Javascript.

I’m here to learn, to get help and I hope soon share and help in return (I’ll have to improve my ‘technical’ english before that !). And thanks a lot to you Nelson, your videos helped me a lot to progress and find my first ‘webflow client’. It is quite something.
Welcome Laety ! Yes, learning code is hard. My wife is a graphic designer and she also hated coding. It never made sense to her. But now she loves making websites thanks to Webflow.

I'm glad you've found Webflow and this community. 

Can't wait to see what awesome things you build!


n'hésitez pas à écrire en français et nous utiliserons Google translate pour communiquer avec vous. Je veux m'assurer que vous êtes bien accueilli et que vous vous sentez heureux ici.
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Hi Laety 👋.  Welcome to the community, we’re so glad you’re here!  I love your story and you’re not late to Webflow, I found it just a year ago😅.  We’re all here to help you on your journey!  
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