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I'm new to WF and did my first client project. The site was working well so I transferred it to the client who now says it is not working properly (responsiveness). I am not able to fix the issues client claims it has since it was transferred. I do have the source code but don't know how or if it can be imported. I really want to make this right but not sure how to since the transfer. Any suggestions? Feedback? 
Can the client give you his login details? I wonder if they can create alternative/guest logins like in Wordpress. Would really like to know how to deal with this kind of thing. 
Cathy replied
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Hi Cathy 👋.  Welcome to the community, we’re so glad you’re here!  What got you into web design?
Welcome! Thanks for joining us. Can you tell us more about yourself?
Went back to school, earned web design degree. I'm a stronger designer than a coder so just discovered webflow...amazing! Hope to become webflow freelancer once I learn all the ins & outs of the platform.
Hi Pixelgeek,
I've tried everything on the forum to get this to work. I have a CMS collection list of press items. The list is flexbox and I'd like every other row (even) to alternate. I know I need to use the pseudo code :nth-child(even) but having problems making it work. Please help me with this problem.
thanks for the video :) Here is how to fix that:

Also, here is the custom code I added:

Thank you sooo much for your speedy response! Totally appreciate it :)

Nelson Abalos Jr replied
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OOPs got another one for's related to the previous and it's challenging. Can we affect the children rows to have alternating backgrounds? Here's a pic of what I need it to look like.