John Cheung

UX Designer
Can someone guide me to such a video?
Thanks Naor...I'm actually watching the first link you sent. Was just wondering if there were others. Thanks very much.

No I haven't but I will from now on. I'm basically trying to build a side menu navigation on a page.

The video above is pretty much what I'm looking for but it's not the easiest video to follow.
Sara replied
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Hi John Cheung have you searched the tutorial videos on our main site?

What specifically are you looking for when it comes to a side menu tutorial?

Literally just started using webflow this week. 

homepage looks fine on desktop but on mobile the nav menu shifts.
Here's a tutorial from Nelson that shows you how to make a nav bar very similar to yours and how to adjust for mobile

New to Webflow and hoping to become proficient. TIA to everyone.
HI John Cheung 👋.  Welcome to the community, we're so glad you are here!  

What got you into web design?